Medical Record


Medical chronologies are a necessary tool claims and litigators use when a matter has hundreds of pages of medical records to review. However, creating the chronology can take hours and/or days to complete and add hours of billable hours that could be better spent on other aspects of the case.

MedChron Paralegals can save you time by creating a comprehensive medical summary of the pertinent information found within the providers’ office notes and treatment visits.   


We have the skills and experience required in order to organize and bookmark medical records in chronological order, use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) features for faster identification of keywords searches, and create an all-inclusive medical chronology that will help reduce the time to review and analyze significant dates of treatment.


Contact our office to learn more about our medical chronologies. Please feel free to upload your case records into our client portal, in any order, and expect an organized, bookmarked chronological and medical summary with a quick turnaround.



Our goal is to use our skills and experience to provide you with a cost-effective solution that will help move your cases further – faster.