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Medical Expenses

Tallying the medical bills and expenses in an injury case can be a tedious and frustrating task. However, accurate and detailed totals are necessary and essential in injury cases. MedChron Paralegals will create a table listing the total medical expenses accrued for each date of treatment.

In addition, our tables are listed in chronological order and tallied by provider. Upload the medical, ambulance, pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment bills, and we will produce a chronological table of the daily expenses in your case.


Coupled with our medical chronology service, the expenses table allows you to match bills for services with the medical records you have or may still need to obtain. The medical expense table is a great cross-referencing tool that can be used to ensure you have all of the information to resolve your cases.


We tailor the table to your needs, so contact us today to discuss what your billing summary should include.

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