Remember that time is money.

Medchron Paralegals is a paralegal-based company that provides record retrieval and summarization services to insurance companies and legal professionals.

Record Retrieval

MedChron Paralegals wants to help save your office time and money with our flat rate record retrieval service.

Medical Record Chronologies

Medical chronologies are a necessary tool claims and litigators use when a matter has hundreds of pages to review.

Medical Expenses

Tallying the medical bills and expenses in an injury case can be a tedious and frustrating task.

Deposition Summaries

MedChron Paralegals provide expert page-by-page topical summaries of the deposition transcript.

DisclaimerMedChron Paralegals is a paralegal-based record retrieval and review service. We are not a law firm, and its employees are not attorneys nor are with affiliated or associated with attorneys. This service does not include the practice of law nor do we give legal advice. MedChron Paralegals summarize records retrieved as they are written. We do not check for accuracy, draw legal conclusions, nor apply the law to the content found within the records. Our confidential service of obtaining and summarizing records is strictly limited to the representatives of insurance companies and legal counsel. We do not work with the general public.