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Deposition Summaries

MedChron Paralegals provide expert page-by-page topical summaries of the deposition transcript. We sort the information obtained in the deposition and categorize the data into easily digestible summaries based on the topic discussed.  

Deposition are sworn testimony of a party or witness and a vital source of discovery used in litigation. The written transcripts of a deposition often consists of hundreds of pages of questions and answers scattered throughout the document. MedChron Paralegals are experts at sorting and categorizing the deponent’s responses into a user-friendly format that will allow you to get to the information you need faster. Our format allows counsel and claims representatives to review a summary of a given subject and refers them to the exact location in the transcript for further review, if needed. 


MedChron Paralegals will also tailor the deposition summary according to your needs. The summary can include information specific to certain dates, actions, persons, or even page numbers within the transcripts. Remember, MedChron Paralegals are your discovery managers and we are committed to assisting you by providing a service made just for you. 



When you have us prepare a summary for your deposition transcripts, you're utilizing our skills and efficiency to save you (and your clients) time and money.

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