Welcome to MedChron Paralegals. We are a paralegal-based company that provides record retrieval and review services to legal and insurance professionals handling civil litigation and workers' compensation matters. 

MedChron Paralegals understands that time is money.

As paralegals, we have first-hand knowledge of the time it takes to obtain and review discovery records. We also know that discovery is at the heart of being successful in protecting your interests. It must be done! Therefore, MedChron Paralegals is committed to be your one-stop discovery managers, saving you both time and money.


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MedChron Paralegals is owned and operated by paralegals who have worked in small, medium, and large law firms in several states. Our paralegals have bachelor’s degrees, at a minimum. Some possess master’s degrees in various fields. All of our paralegals have obtained certification in Paralegal Studies from ABA approved institutions. We have worked in the public and private sectors, including Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of the Attorney General, in-house counsel’s offices for large insurance companies, and plaintiff’s counsel’s offices. We are educated, experienced, and efficient in being your one-stop discovery managers.